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Closing Costs

Mortgage Closing Costs

There are many costs associated with buying or refinancing a homeHere is a list of some of the possible closing costs:

Origination Fee:   Broker

Credit Report Fee: Broker/ Lender

Processing Fee: Broker/ Lender

Admin FeeBroker/ Lender

Underwriting Fee: Lender

Doc Prep Fee: Lender/ Title

Owners Title Policy: Title

Buyers Title Policy: Title

Escrow Fee: Title

Recording FeesTitle

Survey: Survey Company

Appraisal: Appraisal Company

Escrow Waiver Fee: Lender



Closing costs are part of the loan closing process and the items listed above are only examples of closing costs and may or may not be required on your home loan.


If you are working with a lender who says there are no closing costs they are either rolling them into the loan or into your interest rateThere is no such thing as a free loan

It's extremely important to compare Apples to Apples when looking at other lenders.   We list every possible fee that could be charged when giving you a closing cost estimate. Many other lenders only list lender fees and then tell you to contact the title company and other loan agents involved in the closing in order to get their feesYou will be sorely disappointed when you are expecting a certain amount of money to close and then the other lender springs a much larger number on you at closing

We work by referrals and your business is extremely important to us. We will be straight forward and deliver what we promise every time with every client.